You can find a selection of the most frequently asked questions about the use of products and components Somatoline CosmeticTM.

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In the anti-cellulite treatment for a month is there enough product to be applied on thighs and buttocks or must be used on each leg?
Our product Somatoline Slimming Treatment is a cream formulated for localized cellulite that just for this problem, so a day is enough on both sides. They do not require large amounts of cream.

If you want to act not only against cellulite but also against the accumulation of fat should combine this with our product cellulite Somatoline Reducer Intensive Night.

After application of the Reducer Intensive Night, the skin reddens and noticed a slight itch. Is an allergic reaction?
The product is designed to reactivate the cutaneous microcirculation to allow more cosmetic efficacy. After a few minutes of application you may feel a warm sensation, possibly with a slight itching and the appearance of a possible redness at the site of application. The presence and intensity of these possible reactions are related to individual skin sensitivity and usually disappear after 30 minutes. These phenomena are transient and should not be confused with intolerance reactions to the product that would be more durable.

If the reaction is too strong or too durable, thoroughly rinse the area with cold water application. Anyway we recommend testing the product on a small area of ​​the body before application to verify individual reaction to it.

The Somatoline Cosmetic products have strong odors line, what is that?
The formulations of our products are rich in active ingredients (eg menthol or algae) with strong perfume odors can not cover completely.

Some products contain Ethyl Nicotinado line; What is?
Ethyl Nicotinado is a substance capable of increasing skin microcirculation. This action enhances the absorption of active ingredients and reducing the drainage of liquids. It causes the characteristic phenomenon of redness, which sometimes can be accompanied by itching or warmth. These phenomena are clear proof of the effectiveness of the product, they are transient and depend on individual sensitivity and should not be confused with phenomena of intolerance. Ethyl Nicotinado is a derivative of Vitamin PP also called vitamin B3 or niacinamide, important in human nutrition.

Is it possible to use the products of Somatoline Cosmetic line in combination?
Yes, for example you can use the Reducer Intensive Night Treatment on thighs and buttocks and belly and hips reducer treatment in the abdominal and waist area. The use of several products is not recommended at the same point to guarantee an ideal absorption and tolerance of the active ingredients. If you would like to apply in the same area of ​​the body a product in the morning and another at night, water is necessary to clarify the skin area to be treated.

How have obtained the test results that refer to the products?
The results, either efficacy and tolerability shown in Somatoline Cosmetic products are performed by Clinical Test:
- Made by specialists in independent institutions
- They are carried out using the product under normal conditions of use
- Volunteers are selected on precise criteria, with controlled during production of the Test (lifestyle, diet and physical activity) habits.
Efficacy results are performed using measurement instruments.
Efficacy data will come only if the parameters modified in the previous exam change statistically significant.

What is the difference between clinical trials, clinical-instrumental tests, in vitro tests and self-assessment test?
- Clinical trial: volunteers conducted under the supervision of a medical specialist with observation and measurement of scientific research type. The doctors carried out in order to evaluate and measure tolerance, safety and efficacy of the products to test.
- Clinical-instrumental Test: are expanded clinical tests, and measurements are carried out with proper equipment and not only the simple judgment of the physician.
- In Vitro Test: Test performed in laboratory and pure active substance concentration or not present in the product formulation.
- Self-assessment test: Test in which consumers, volunteers give a judgment on the effectiveness and tolerance of the product, asking the consumer end of the measurement result.
The effectiveness of the products is measured by Somatoline Cosmetic Clinical-instrumental Test.

I used a reducing product and I had the sensation of heat and cold. What is due? What are the effects?
The heat sensation is due to the presence of a rubefacient agent, Ethyl Nicotinado, ie, an agent that can cause redness because it is able to increase cutaneous microcirculation, heating the skin. This mechanism favors the physiological drainage of the subcutaneous absorption liquid and reducing cosmetic principles.

Cold effect is however caused by substances such as menthol and its derivatives. Menthol acts on receptors feeling cold. The body to restore thermal equilibrium, again acts increasing body temperature by activation of microcirculation. This vasomotor gymnastics promotes physiological drainage of liquid and the penetration of substances containing active cosmetic creams. In addition the increased temperature favors the acceleration of metabolism in the subcutaneous fat.

Reducer Intensive Night Treatment waste does that leave?
In exceptional cases, some skin types, the "intensive" product formulation may leave some type of residue or other (small balls or white marks).

Reducer Intensive Night can be used during the day?
Yes, but it is preferably used at night as it is formulated to exploit the special receptivity of the skin during the hours of sleep.
During deep sleep stages a series of mechanisms involved in enhancing cutaneous receptivity, lipolysis and improved circulation are activated, contributing to the intensive action of the product.

How and why should I apply the product with a massage?
For those who want to reduce or combat the appearance of orange peel, massage is very useful as it helps to drain, tone the tissue and visibly improve the appearance of skin. By activating the microcirculation, allowing the active ingredients better penetrate the skin area to be treated. By massaging, starting with circular movements, pushing from the bottom up.

What product can I use during pregnancy?
Please do not use our products during pregnancy. Our advice is to enjoy the most natural pregnancy possible, trying to mother make the most of this beautiful moment of your life, anyway if you have used any of our products during pregnancy should not worry as it is a cosmetic product, it can not hurt, even in pregnancy.

I play sports, what is the most appropriate product to use?
Somatoline Cosmetic Total Body Gel Reducer is best suited for those who make sport product. Fresh gel formulation gives the product easy application and absorption. It can be used over the entire body including arms.

I have problems with fragile capillaries, ¿I can use your products?
Having the fragile capillaries is indicative of weak vessel walls. Therefore we discourage the application of products that have a vasodilatory action, without being accompanied by at least one cryo-tonic effect. Besides you must be careful that the massage is not performed very strongly.

In the presence of capillary or circulation problems if you want to use a reducing product, the product would be advised Total Body Gel Reducer, because it causes vasodilation. If apart from fragile capillaries have retention problems suggest the use of SC Anticelulítico.

We remember anyway that our products have been tested on healthy skin and are applied on healthy, intact skin. It is recommended in these cases always ask the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.


You can find a selection of the most frequently asked questions about the use of components and products Filorga.

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What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a major component of the extracellular matrix (ECM) of the dermis. That structures and organizes the ECM. Its remarkable properties that maintain the support system of the skin, to protect the cells (fibroblasts) and to organize collagen fibers. Because it can store up to 1000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid is also known for its powerful moisturizing properties.

Naturally in various types of body tissues (skin and cartilage, for example), this unique molecule is used in many areas (ophthalmic surgery, treatment of osteoarthritis), especially in aesthetic medicine as a wrinkle filler . It is also used in cosmetics for its moisturizing properties and filling.


The results of a filler injection are visible immediately, but its duration varies depending on the product injected and patients. However, generally speaking, the results last 6 to 12 months.


Aesthetics, anti-aging mesotherapy (or Mesolift) is a biologically acting treatment and in a general way as the effects of skin aging and its causes.

It is a technique that involves multiple injections in the superficial dermis using a very fine needle. Needles or revitalizing small amounts of nutritious solution are introduced

through wrinkles of the face, neck, chest and back of hands. This treatment is curative and preventive, and can be used on all skin types.

Five sessions are necessary in order to produce lasting results.


NCTF is a poly-revitalizing complex of 53 ingredients. It is a patented formula used in mesotherapy and Filorga found throughout the range of products the company Cosmetotherapy.

NCTF ® is an optimized formula that combines all tested anti-aging ingredients to date:

- 12 vitamins to stimulate vital cell functions

- 23 amino acids for promoting synthesis of proteins which form elastin fibers

- 6 coenzymes to optimize skin metabolism

- 5 nucleobases to activate cell communication

- 6 minerals to preserve the ionic balance of the extracellular matrix

- January antioxidants to fight free radicals visible, proven NCTF ® cell culture (in vitro) benefits: cell stimulation (fibroblasts) (147%) *** protection from free radicals, (90%) ** * collagen redensification (256%) *** slowdown tissue stiffening (366%) *** *** series of studies conducted by an independent laboratory cell and molecular pharmacology research **** In vivo test performed on 40 patients by 19 French doctors according to a protocol of five sessions of micro injections over a period of three months.

DO THE mesotherapy injections painful?

Anti-aging treatments involve very little pain mesotherapy (the needles used are very short and thin). You may have a slight anesthetic for comfort.


The Cosmetotherapy range was designed for all skin types, even sensitive. Therefore, for some products, such as Pele and sleep product, all you have to do using a product every night or on the Meso-Peel cure, to shorten the time that the skin gel mask is left instead.


A chemical peel involves the application of an exfoliating chemical solution to the face, neck or bust to enhance the appearance of the skin by removing the outer layers of the epidermis in a controlled manner.


You can find a selection of the most frequently asked questions about the use and components ApivitaTM products.

You can not find the answer to a personal question? We will be happy to answer quickly.

We remember anyway that our products have been tested on healthy skin and are applied on healthy, intact skin. It is recommended in these cases always ask the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.
Property Name
Hyaluronic acid
The hyaluronic acid has a high moisturizing effect and also 'holds' the moisture in the skin, giving a more youthful appearance. As a result, it maintains the elastic and hydrated.
Fruit acids
Fruit acids exfoliate activate cell renewal and soften dark spots on skin and looking fresher, smoother and younger.
Vitex has moisturizing, firming and soothing properties. It contains phyto-endorphins similar to those produced by humans naturally to feel happy.
Basil essential oil helps improve mental clarity and concentration. Basil also acts as an insect repellent.
Apricot provides a soothing and moisturizing action.
The algae act as a protective shield for the micro capillary integrity of the skin and against aging and photo-aging caused by UV radiation.
Marine algae
They firming, detoxifying and decongestant properties.
Cotton protects and strengthens hair. It also moisturizes to enhance hair texture, brightness and smoothness.
Almond is an emollient with moisturizing and healing properties to nourish the skin
Aloe is rich in healing and moisturizing properties.
Cranberry has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, acting as a protective shield for the skin. Effectively moisturizes the skin leaving it soft.
tea tree
It has antiseptic and antifungal properties and can be used directly on the skin.
Pink clay
Cleanses dry and sensitive skin.
Green clay
The green clay absorbs oiliness, clean the skin deeply, prevents the creation of blackheads and tightens pores. It is ideal for combination / oily skin.
Arnica has decongestant properties and improves blood circulation.
Rice shows excellent conditioner and softening properties for the skin.
Oatmeal has moisturizing, emollient and soothing properties.
The balm has healing, emollient and moisturizing properties for the skin.
Bay Laurel
Laurel tones and moisturizes the hair giving it a unique sheen.
Bergamot is a natural antiseptic and astringent deodorant is ideal for oily, mixed, acne-prone skin. Also freshens breath.
Calendula (Marigold)
Calendula has a soothing, healing and moisturizing.
German chamomile
German chamomile has anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It helps soothe irritated tissues and enhances the color of blond hair.
Cinnamon is ideal for clean and freshen the air. He inspires, awakens and uplifting.
Cardamom offers refreshing and antiseptic properties. It is commonly used to treat fatigue.
Cedar has antibacterial, antiseptic and toning properties and is generally used to treat dandruff.
Centella (Gotu Kola)
The spark restores and tightens the skin and improves its elasticity. Also it has a strong antioxidant.
Bee wax
Produced by bees, beeswax has moisturizing, emollient and softening properties.
Cereals nourish the skin and protect against dehydration.
Peruvian bark
Cinchona stimulates microcirculation, tones and invigorates the hair.
Citrus (Lima)
The file is antibacterial and acts as an antiseptic and astringent. It also acts against oiliness.
The citronella is used as common insect repellent.
Potent diuretic, invigorating and detoxifying. It is effective against cellulite and helps digestion.
Dittany Crete
The díctamo Crete is also known as the herb of Crete. It has healing and anti-inflammatory properties and is used to relieve irritation.
Juniper is detoxifying and is used as a decongestant. It helps fight cellulite and local fat.
Eucalyptus helps the respiratory system facilitating breathing and relieving muscle aches.
The berries protect the skin thanks to its strong antioxidant and antimicrobial action. Moisturise and soften the skin while providing a delicious smell.
Geranium moisturizes and regulates oiliness making it ideal for all skin types. It also relieves anxiety and tension.
Ginkgo tones microcirculation and treats puffiness and dark circles and eye contour.
It contains antioxidants, moisturizing and emollient properties. Protects color from UV radiation.
The Granada has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.
The blackcurrant is an emollient and has moisturizing properties. It also works as anti-irratante and provides a natural color to the lips.
The fig moisturizes and softens the skin leaving it soft and fresh.
Prickly pear
It protects against UVA radiation and photoaging. Moisturizes and soothes irritated skin.
Fennel has anti-irritant and moisturizing properties. It also reduces the intensity and number of brown spots on the skin.
Sea fennel
Sea Fennel is a highly aromatic, salt grass, which is rich in amino acids and phenolic compounds play an important role in renewing, stimulating and anti-aging skin.
Royal jelly
Royal jelly, the exclusive food of the queen bee, is considered el'elixir of life '. Reaffirms and restores skin.
Jasmine was considered the "king" of all essential oils. It rejuvenates and tones the skin. It is also calming and balancing the senses.
Ginger has rejuvenating properties and resistance energizing the body and senses.
Jojoba oil is a moisturizer for all skin types and skin absorbs it easily.
Considered the "nature's tranquilizer." Lavender has unique soothing and moisturizing properties. Lavender acts against insomnia and cure headaches and stress. It also relieves allergies, insect bites and skin burns.
Sea lavender
Sea lavender, a plant on the Mediterranean coast, a true blue deep, provides a significant response to skin aging and photoaging problems.
Lemon Balm
It has soothing, anti-stress and anti depressant. Helps the digestive system.
Lemon Verbena
Aids digestion. It is effective against cellulite and water retention due to its diuretic properties
Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to neutralize free radicals thus promoting a younger and more radiant skin.
The lemon has invigorating, rejuvenating, antiseptic and astringent properties. It contains fruit acids that provide gentle exfoliation and moisturizing skin.
The lupine is rich in peptides, trace elements and vitamins. It has high nutritional value.
Soothing, relaxing and ideal for a warm, romantic atmosphere. It is predominantly used in men's care products.
Marshmallow relieves sore throat and soften the cough.
Tangerine has antioxidant properties and acts as a protective shield for the sensitive skin of children.
Cocoa butter (Cacao)
Cocoa butter is an emollient and is known for its moisturizing properties.
The mastic tree is a characteristic of the island of Chios, which is extracted and the mastic is used for its antiseptic and healing properties.
Marjoram is soothing and relaxing properties. It helps reduce stress and relieves anxiety and insomnia.
Refreshes and tones the skin. Relaxes tired feet. Inhaling help relieve nausea.
mint green
Spearmint has antiseptic and antifungal properties. Freshens breath.
Honey has moisturizing and antibacterial properties. It also nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.
Ideal for mature skin. It has antiseptic, antibacterial and restorative properties.
It helps activate skin cells and maintain its elasticity.
It Provides mate.Tonifica glow to the skin, rejuvenates and reduces physical and emotional stress. It contains fruit acids that provide a gentle exfoliation and moisturizing the skin.
Bitter orange
Bitter Orange speeds up metabolism and helps lipolysis.
Neem Oil
Traditionally known as the "village pharmacy" has anti inflammatory, anti microbial and pesticide properties.
The olive provides antioxidant, moisturizing and nourishing for the skin and hair protection. Olive grains exfoliate the skin and thoroughly cleaned.
Nettle has toning properties and regulates the excess fat from the hair and scalp.
Zinc oxide
Zinc oxide is used as a thickening, whitening, lubricants and sunscreen ingredient in cosmetics.
Patchouli is an aphrodisiac and helps reduce stress. It also has healing and restorative properties that make it ideal for dehydrated or mature skin.
Papaya, due to its exfoliating properties, smoothes the skin and gives a radiant complexion.
Cucumber has moisturizing and toning properties. It acts as an emollient and refreshes the skin.
Chile pepper
Chili pepper stimulates circulation and detoxifies the body.
Bee pollen
Bee pollen has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It is considered a natural source of longevity, energy and rejuvenation.
Grapefruit is ideal for oily skin types and acne-prone skin. Detoxifies and helps fight cellulite.
Propolis acts as an antibacterial and is used for its antiseptic, antifungal, antioxidant and healing.
Licorice is an emollient and is used for its soothing action.
Resveratrol is useful for improving the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate damage caused by aging and photoaging of the skin and improving skin thickness, elasticity and shine.
Thyme has antioxidant and toning properties to the hair. Tones you mind, helps relieve headaches and mental fatigue.
Rosa centifolia
Tones and moisturizes the skin. It gives a sense of calm and is used as an antidepressant and to help the emotional balance.
Bulgarian rose
Symbolizes beauty and femininity. It gives a sense of calm and has been used as an antidepressant and helps the emotional balance.
It provides strong antioxidants and moisturizing and anti-aging action.
Microcirculation tones, rejuvenates and clears. Ideal for tired legs and feet.
The sage is used as a hair tonic and to treat cellulite. The essential oil is an aphrodisiac and creates a sense of euphoria.
Salvia sclarea
The clary sage is used as a hair tonic and to treat cellulite. The essential oil is an aphrodisiac and creates a feeling of euphoria.
White tea
White tea contains antioxidants, rejuvenating and toning while providing even skin tone properties.
Mountain tea
Toning and antiseptic; It helps fight the common cold symptoms.
Green tea
Green tea has antioxidant, moisturizing and leaves the skin shiny with a natural glow.
Linden is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.
Due to the content of lycopene, the tomato has antioxidant strength and anti-aging properties. It protects against photoaging.
Powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
Wheat has antioxidant, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
The grape is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-aging properties and acts to nourish, tone and moisturize the skin.
Moisturizes and softens the skin. Relaxes the senses and relieves stress and tension.
Red wine
The red wine has powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties.
Vitamin A
Vitamin A, often called the 'skin stabilizer' or the 'rejuvenating agent', has great anti-aging, antioxidant and moisturizing action. It helps form and maintain healthy skin and soft tissues.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C tones the skin, makes it shine, slows the appearance of wrinkles and protects against free radicals and photoaging.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E has been shown to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.
Ylang ylang
Ylang-Ylang creates an exotic atmosphere and provides a sense of calm. It is also used as an antidepressant and reduces stress.
The carrot is high in antioxidants and nourishes the skin.
Blackberry has antioxidant properties and is often used to treat sore throat.